Keep on the Shadowfell

Defeating Irontooth

After retrieving the rune covered skull from Malareth your group headed back to camp where you found that Traveus had succumbed to his injuries. Before Traveus died he wrote a detailed letter to your group pleading that you keep the contents of the chest a secret and deliver it to a man named Valthrun in Winterhaven as soon as possible.

You headed West down the Kings Road towards Winterhaven. While on the road your wagon was raided by a small group of Kobolds. You valiantly fought them off and protected the wagon from being damaged. You were able to restrain one of the Kobolds and worked the name of their leader out of him, Irontooth.

Upon your arrival in Winterhaven you found that the market was open and the town was bustling with crowds of people. You walked right into the tavern and found that there wasn’t a seat in the house. Walking over to the bar Sarbanes asked the bartender if she had heard of a man named Valthrun. She directed you to the large tower near the center of town.

Working your way through the crowds you got to Valthrun’s tower and spoke with him briefly. He said that he did not know much about the skull that Traveus was bringing but it was for a colleague of theirs, Douven Stahl. Valthrun said that Douven had gone to the dig site where he believed a dragon was buried. He was trying to look for some latent magical properties that could have been buried with the Dragon ages ago. Normally Douven spends a few days at the site but then comes back to Winterhaven to re-supply and discuss his most recent findings with Valthrun. Douven has not been back to Winterhaven in over a week. Valthrun asked that you go and investigate why Douven has been staying at the burial site for so long.

After your brief visit to Winterhaven the group headed back out into the woods. The next day, as you were heading in the general direction that Valthrun believed the dig site to be, you stumbled upon a trail in the woods. Following the trail you stumbled into the guard post of the Kobold hideout. Fighting your way through the crowds of Kobolds you found the hideout of Irontooth. After a devastating battle you defeated Irontooth.



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