Keep on the Shadowfell

First Meeting

Hired as a caravan guard, your adventuring team set out on the kings road with the caravan. Unfortunately, it was not a smooth trip and the caravan was attack by a mysterious rider and a group of goblins! Travaeus, the dwarf who hired you, was injured and asked that you to retrieve a small chest that was stolen. This chest seemed to be the focus of the attack as it was the only thing missing.

You tracked the raiding party down to ancient ruins of a minotaur temple. Inside you found the goblins that attacked you and eventually fought your way to the leaders lab. Malareth is a necromancer who organized the attack on your caravan. He was surrounded by foul undead creations that followed his every command. Despite the overwhelming odds, and fear of the undead, you conquered the fiend and recovered the chest.

As you packed up the chest you happened to see that it contained a skull with strange, slightly glowing, ruins carved into it. Understandably, you have many questions about its origins and purpose. Since Malareth is dead you know the best person to ask is Travaeus. You bandage yourselves, salvage what loot you can, and head back through the temple halls, outside, and back onto the Kings Road toward town.



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